Apple Watch Series 4 Space Gray Aluminum (44mm)

Apple Watch Series 4 Space Gray Aluminum (44mm)

  • Space Gray Aluminum
  • 44mm
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Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch Series 4
A watch that helps you stay healthy and active

The Apple Watch maintains its position as the world’s best-selling watch. The next generation of Apple Watch Series 4 is even more tailored to facilitate everyday activities, health and activity monitoring. This model is fundamentally rethought in design and technology. One of the most important innovations is the improved heart rate monitoring indicators and integrated electrodes that measure the electrical impulses of the heart. A personal motivator to get you moving or active, an exercise analyzer, a health tracker, a music playlist manager, a messenger, news and call receiver, and more with the Apple Watch 4 smart watch. The new Watch 4 is more than 30% larger: 40mm high with a 394×324 screen or 44mm high with a 448×368 screen. Whatever size you choose, you’ll enjoy all the features of the Apple Watch Series 4. The Apple Watch is waterproof up to 50 meters deep, has integrated GPS, altimeter, and new dynamic screens. An updated accelerometer and gyroscope enable a new feature to help you detect sudden falls and call for help.

Apple Watch 4 dizainas

More than a watch

The Apple Watch 4 has many features, but it is primarily a watch, allowing the user to choose from a variety of design dials to suit his or her style. It is also possible to change and modify different elements of the clock display, for example, to enable or disable weather and date display. Apple Watch 4 comes with a new design of dynamic screens that allow you to customize the view you see. You’ll be able to add your close contacts to the screen saver to enable speed dialing. If you love traveling, you can schedule times in different parts of the world. Or you may want the wallpaper to simply soothe, relax or even hypnotize. The new Apple Watch Series 4 integrates up to 2 times faster processors than the previous model. This model also features an improved digital crown click sensor and an advanced audio technology solution to make the call sound cleaner and louder.

Apple Watch 4 sportui


















Ideal coach for the sport

One of the coolest features of the Apple Watch is the ability to monitor and evaluate your physical activity. Thanks to the integrated GPS and altimeter, it will be much more fun to exercise now, not just in the gym. Whether you go swimming, jogging, cycling, climbing or descending, everything is captured and measured. To keep your workout going long, you can listen to music using your watch. Just connect a Bluetooth wireless headset to it and choose your favorite music from your playlist, which automatically syncs with your iPhone. The Apple-created training assistant uses a variety of tricks that force the watch owner to move more. For example, the main assistant gadget window displays a summary of the day’s activities. The device sets goals for the user: to take a certain number of steps per day, and to take busy breaks during long periods of sedentary work. Thanks to the pedometer and heart rate monitor, the device calculates the calories burned fairly accurately. Another feature that can help in the event of a disaster is the rapid fall capture. If you are active in sports e.g. climbing or skiing from high altitude, Apple Watch 4 will capture and automatically call for help or send a help message to a specific contact.


Apple Watch 4 sveikatos stebėjimas

Apple Watch 4 is about your health

One of the major innovations of the Apple Watch 4 is the improved heart rate monitor and integrated electrodes that measure the electrical impulses of the heart. So the Apple Watch 4 can record a cardiogram of the heart. The process takes 30 seconds, after which you will have a heart ECG that you can send to your doctor (ECG function works in US and some European countries, in Lithuania this function does not work). If the Apple Watch app detects possible heart problems or abnormal abnormalities, you will immediately see it on the screen. The watch can also monitor high or low heart rate, detect and report heart rate problems. Whatever you do, your health will be constantly monitored, which will be of great benefit to those at high risk for heart disease and disorders. Extra gadgets will help you reduce stress levels, for example by doing breathing exercises, and help you adjust your diet, remember to drink enough water a day, or just sleep well.

Apple Watch 4 dizainas

Design that fits your style

The Apple Watch 4 case can be made of different materials. If you want a lightweight and active lifestyle device, you should opt for an aluminum alloy body. For those who appreciate extreme durability, stainless steel bodies with synthetic sapphire glass, which is extremely resistant to abrasion and other fate impacts, are offered. These smart watches have easily replaceable straps in a variety of colors and types. The Sport series straps are made of a strong, non-irritating fiber – fluoroelastomer. Also available in multicolored fabric woven nylon straps. Those who appreciate the classics should love stainless steel straps with magnetic clasp. The Nike + Series’s lightweight and ventilated straps will appeal to a wide range of athletic and highly active users. The rounded aluminum alloy body comes in three different colors: Silver, Space Gray and New Gold.


Apple Watch 4 funkcijos

Lots of useful features

One of the features that this watch does is to forward phone messages. Most of the time, the watch acts as a loyal partner to the iPhone. He informs you of incoming mail, posts posted on social networks. Information is transmitted to the user in a discrete touch-like pulse. Just glance at the screen and the message glows on it. It is easy to control which application messages you want to see on the watch screen and which are to be displayed only on the mobile phone. The watch has a built-in microphone and speaker. These accessories turn the device into a wireless headset. The speakerphone is almost as powerful as the headset built into the iPhone itself. Therefore, the voice can be heard well even when you pull your hand away from your ear at maximum distance. Of course, the watch is not a good fit for longer conversations. But there is more than enough to answer the interlocutor’s question quickly.


Gamintojas AppleModelis Watch Series 4
Dirželis Sportinis medžiaginis (austas nailonasKorpuso medžiaga Aliuminio lydinys
Spalva PilkaDirželio spalva Juodas
Tinka riešui 145–220mmEkranas 44mm Retina, skiriamoji geba 448x368 pikselių
Ekrano parametrai LTPO OLED Retina ekranas su Force Touch (1000 nits), Ion-X sustiprintas stiklasRyšiai 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo ir QZSS
Procesorius Dviejų branduolių S4 procesoriusJutikliai Patobulintas akcelerometras iki 32g, aplinkos šviesos jutiklis, barometrinis aukščiamatis, optinis ir elektroninis širdies ritmo jutikliai, patobulintas trijų ašių giroskopas, skaitmeninė karūnėlė su jutiminiu atsaku
Akumuliatoriaus veikimo trukmė
iki 18 valandųGrantija
90 dienų.


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